The Mind of a Poet

April 23, 2010 at 9:48 pm (The Mind of a Poet)

Over the months that Scin and I have been reunited, I realized that my letters to her were slowly beginning to demonstrate a more poetic bent in the prose I present to her. These, of course, are letters I would not post here; they are ours alone. However, we both recognized that the content of many of them was likely worth saving as notes, ideas that could be utilized later for other things. I expect that most writers are like us–I suspect we all keep everything tucked away somewhere waiting for the perfect medium to transform it, to use it again in a new way. This week’s poem is one of those transformations. I am a firm believer that good ideas are worth keeping around; you never know when you might have inspiration to turn them into something else. 


I am longing. 

The fecund force that stands
trees tall and firm swells within,
raises me up like woody pulp
bursting forth to bear ripe fruit. 

The red liquid burning center
at the earthen core stabilizing
our spinning world is my skin
set afire at the sound of your voice.

My body is the bone and muscle
of desire set in motion, driven
to reach for you like new branches
growing outward on the sunward side. 

You call my name and I am all
the watery essence that sustains us;
I run down and down in endless
streams of vital, quenching wetness. 

The air of wanting is my breath.
The voice of all ancient and lasting
love is the song lifted up when I
speak your name to the quiet night. 

I am longing. I ache to be near you,
to wake beside you, my palm filled
by your breast, the scent of you still
on my skin in the morning sun. 

I am the force that stands trees tall;
I am the red liquid burning center;
I am the bone and muscle of desire,
the ancient song speaking your name.

I am the woman who longs for you.

NOTE:  This work is published here as proprietary and may not be reproduced, distributed, sold, or otherwise utilized outside the posting on this site without the express permission of the author; these works are the sole property of the author writing as Androgynonamous or DreadPirateRobert.


  1. Scintillectual said,

    Ah, I love the new line at the end. Sweetheart, you so honor me. I am blessed beyond measure to be your anam cara.

    Toujours et de toutes les façons,
    Your Sweet Scin

    • androgynonamous said,

      My sweet Scin, it is I who am honored…and blessed. I revel in being your sweet baby boi, your anam cara, yours always and in all ways.

  2. Blazer said,

    Your poetry is beautiful as is the your love for Di. The two in combination are priceless.

    • androgynonamous said,

      Thank you, my friend. Your affirmation of both my work and the very real love between my sweet Scin and I are wonderful gifts. Until we talk again…So glad you are here.

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