Turning of the Tide: Hump Day; Mid-week Musings

June 16, 2010 at 7:58 pm (Hump Day: Mid-week Musings)

Well, it is Wednesday again. As you know, I have taken some time to sort some things out and deal with some pretty significant practical things. I am back from my little sabbatical and have some things to talk about.

Firstly, I would like to say that we should all be proud of me for refraining from using this space to get on a socially conscious and politically oriented rant about the awful state of health care in this country–particularly, here in the South. I considered it more than once…but good sense prevailed and I worked that shit out in my head, rather than prattling on about it here. Those of you who follow me know that I have been struggling with the health care system here in order to acquire some assistance for the cancer I have and need to resolve.  I have been fooling around with various attempts to get assistance for over a year and was engaged in a lengthy, nearly unmanageable application process for a particular program for people who do not qualify for Medicaid due to lack of disability. My last visit to my sweet Scin was so short because I had to be back for a final appointment to determine whether I met the qualifications for this program. I met with them on Friday [June 11] and left the office with my laminated card showing I qualify and have coverage. It took six months and virtually no personal, financial or health related stone was left unturned in my life by the end of it all, but I can now have the surgery I need. I know there are a few of you–members of my tribe–who have been standing by with me to see how this all played out and I wanted you know that we are in the good. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you [you know who you are] for all of your very kind, warm and encouraging support. It has been a big source of comfort for you all to be here with me–with us–and I am grateful. The best thing about having started this little blog venture has been the finding of kin and the building of what I believe will be some strong lasting relationships for me…and for Scin and me as a couple. You guys really are the best.

That said, I have my appointment with the surgeon on June 21. I may not talk much about all of those details here, but those of you in the tribe will be kept informed. Rest assured.

There are other things going on as well that are worth some discussion. It should be obvious to anyone who reads me that I have a kind of spiritual, quasi-mystical bent that runs through my overall philosophy of life. I really do believe that there is a benevolent presence in the universe that walks with us and works with us to co-create the deeper form and function of our lives. I believe that the only thing that separates us from this is lack of awareness–it is there in this kind of quantum, vibratory and pervasive way whether we realize it or not. Once we become aware of it, the movement of it in our lives and the world around us becomes so clear at times that it is overwhelming. I have said before that an example of this, for me, is in the way in which Scin and I found a way to each other again. My talking to friends trying to find her after our break-ups and changing phone numbers and addresses. My almost obsessional writing of poems about reunions and reconnections. Scin waking in the night to write about us. Both of us writing and practically speaking into being the thing we now share between us. All resulting in Scin spending half the next day after writing of us tracking me down. Synchronicity is a powerful thing. There has been another round of that kind of thing lately.

For example, a few weeks ago, Scin emailed an old friend to inquire about possible free-lance work from the company for which the friend had been working. The friend connected her with the director. What actually transpired is the very real promise of an actual day job doing what she does best. The phone call and discussion of intents and preliminary details came today. We are very happy about this turn of events. I am thrilled and very proud of her. It will be wonderful to see her working at the level of her talent, skill, and potential again. Meanwhile, I attended a job fair on Tuesday. I have always maintained that if I could get in front of an actual person, I could make the connections needed to at least get an interview. The job fair proved this.

I left there with several promising connections. One of the last people I talked to was the representative for a  national education and career instruction institute. She and I hit it off as well and she recognized the things I am capable of–more than that, she understood that what I need is for someone to give me a break and give me a shot at this career change thing. She was clearly impressed with me and said that she would pass my resume on, that day, to the Assistant Director of Education in regard to a part-time position teaching medical coding and billing. Yesterday afternoon–the very same day–the ADE called me to ask some questions about finer points in my background and basically phone-interview me.  As I was writing this, the Director of Education called me and we hit it off right away. We had a marvelous, but short, conversation and I have an interview with her on Friday morning. It gets better. The position is not part-time as we thought; it is full-time. [Some of you know what this means: more finger crossing, turning 3 times and spitting. It should be over soon guys. The developing arthritis should heal up in no time. LMAO]

Other interesting tidbits of the day are also significant. I met today with Scin’s new landlord here and managed to convince him to rip out the old, circa 1970s carpet and get down to the wood floors. Scin and I were concerned about the possible negative affects on her son’s asthma. But, mostly, Scin hated it–in truth, I did too. So, the landlord and I are going in on Saturday morning to start ripping out the awful carpet. It will be better for the asthma issue too. And, since I love the kid much more than I ever expected, I am very pleased. The landlord also is leaving the mower at the house because he doesn’t really want to store it and is thinking about a fair price to sell it to me. Saves buying a new one. He is a cool guy. So, I will not only be refinishing quite a few pieces of furniture for my darling Scin and her new house; I will also be making it prettier by cleaning up the wood floors. Ah, the beginning of the husbitch tasks can’t get any better! I love to tear things up and make them better.

So, things are looking up all around. Scin and I are finding ways to move through all the normal stresses of such big change and good things are happening all around. The tide is turning. And, for me anyway, it is all evidence of the marvelous–in the true sense–way in which the benevolent universe works. I’m enjoying this. Very much, indeed. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me…and for us as the journey of our life together unfolds. And, I am hopeful.


  1. Scintillectual said,

    What an amazing, glorious, truly wonderful day! THIS is the day the Lord has made. *grin* And, guess what? At this very moment I just realized that I don’t have a headache! For the first time in how many weeks? Months? It could all change tomorrow but right now I think I need to get off the computer, grab the phone, and take advantage of you long-distance. God, I love you.

    • androgynonamous said,

      I do so love you as well. And, indeed, this is the day the Lord has made. Things are looking up in oh so many ways. I love it when you take advantage of me, by the way…but I’m even happier that you don’t have a headache. I can’t wait for us to be in the same place. It is so close now.

  2. femmeismygender said,

    So much good news!! Really happy to wake up and see this. H and I are absolutely delighted on all counts. *hugs* fimg xxxx

    • androgynonamous said,

      You two are the best!! Thanks so much. I am sure you know we will be keeping you posted on outcomes and progress on a few fronts. I hope you both have a wonderful day. *Hugs* from both of us.

  3. Holden said,

    This is all brilliant news and I’m so glad for you both!

    • androgynonamous said,

      Thanks so much, Holden. I think you know how much it means to have you around. Hope things are going well on your front–I keep warm thoughts and well-wishes for both of you and all you are dealing with at the present. We both keep you in our thoughts.

  4. FemmeFairyGodmother said,

    Hey! I get a little behind in blog reading and look what happens? YAY on the health insurance coverage!! Congrats on the job front! I’ve been praying for you to find something – I hope this is it! 🙂 Not that I’ll stop praying for you – I’ll just have to pray for *other* things. *hugs*

    • androgynonamous said,

      Hey sweet girl, thanks for stopping in and for your prayers. I think you know how I feel about those–best gifts ever and keep them coming. By the way, I say a little prayer for you, regularly, as well. I guess we’ll see what reveals itself on the job front. It is nice to have you in my corner. I go to see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon…No doubt Scin will keep you posted on that issue as well. I hope you know I love and appreciate you! Peace, siser…

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