Freshly Cut Grass and Sawdust

June 19, 2010 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized) ()

It appears that our friend G [Can I Help You, Sir] has started something…and my wife-to-be [Scintillectual] and her BFF [Femme Fairy Godmother] picked up the idea and threw their two cents into the fountain. So, I figured I might as well do the same. There is nothing like a good wishing well. So, thanks to G, I have entered into the “things I love” category. I have kept a journal for years and most of the pages are filled with gratitude lists. I’ve not kept it up well lately because I have not felt much like writing about anything–not my norm–and I’ve been a bit pre-occupied. But, it is something I do in my head throughout the day. It makes me feel good and is part of my daily dialogue with the universe and myself. So, I thought it might be fun and helpful to do it here once in a while.  And, the first thing on this list is a big thanks to G for swatting us all into this direction.  Who knows what treasures we will find.

Things I love:
The smell of freshly cut grass; really icy sweet tea after cutting the grass. All sorts of jazz. Laughing. The smell of lumber and sawdust; cheeses of all sorts [except the ones with mold because they will make me anaphylactic]; really good steak; the highland and uillean bag pipes. While we are on the subject: I love my kilts [I have two] and the way a sporan sways when I am walking–there is something about the way a kilts lays, the pleats in the back  and the sway of a sporan that make you stand straighter, walk taller, and feel like you are the hottest, manliest boi for miles.

Good food eaten in a nice restaurant with a good atmosphere and good music. Time spent with my friends–sometimes there is nothing better. Christmas mornings and Dad’s french toast. Folk and roots music. The way Scin smiles and the deep light in her eyes. Working with wood in any way, for any reason. Working out. Watching the birds at their feeders. The smell of rain. Gently pressing my cheek into Scin’s cunt, savoring her, then quenching myself in her welcoming. Long, hard thunderstorms. Really well written prose. Scin and I tucking her son in at night.

Scin’s cooking. Cherry or peach cobbler. Playing around with my guitar. Hanging out with my brother. Trying to become a better photographer. Drawing. Working in the gardens. Getting to see my extended family once in a while. Gem mining. The sound of Scin’s laughter–well, really the sound of her voice, period. Board games. Irises. My dog; I love my dog. I love my parents and my brother. Sleeping with Scin: feeling her next to me, the sound of her breathing and the feel of her breast in my hand as I fall asleep. Each day a new beginning–the promise of growth, being surprised, and things at which to marvel.
And, I love the ability to be able to do this. To stop and be with myself and the good things that inhabit my life. The ability to be grateful. And, chocolate covered peanuts.


  1. Scintillectual said,

    Oh, I LOVE that you did this! 🙂 There are so many things here that I forgot to list on my own—especially how wonderful it is that you have become a part of our bedtime ritual and our own daily gratitude appreciation spoken aloud before my son goes to sleep. I’m going to have to remember the cherry and peach cobblers and the chocolate covered peanuts). You are such an inspiration—there is so much going on in your life that could seriously hospitalize the sanest individual and yet you continue to give up your gratitude every day. I love that you appreciate even the smallest things in life and…I love YOU.

    • androgynonamous said,

      I am glad that you liked this, baby girl. There are many things I did not list–saving for another time. I hope I can have the presence of mind to do this every now and then. It was a nice exercise and we owe G a big shout out of thanks, don’t you think. I hope, too, you will remember the cobblers, especially if you can make them!! [I can’t; they never come out quite right.] I am sure you know how much I love the bedtime ritual…and, I hope you know that you, too, inspire me in so many ways. [That, for example, I do this is a big part of that inspiration.] I love YOU. And, I am looking forward to the life we will be building here in just a few short weeks…until later, thanks for all you do to lift me up.

  2. G said,

    I really like your list, DPR (thanks to Scin for giving me the heads up that you both did this!). I had the same response to several things in both your and Scin’s list – “Oh! That’s another thing I love!” But different things come to mind at different times in my life, which is why I try to do lists every once in a while.

    It also really help me when I don’t feel like writing, too. It’s a good exercise. Thanks for playing along.

    • androgynonamous said,

      Thanks, G, for your encouragement and your willingness to share the gratitude fountain with us–it is cool water, indeed. I think we all enjoyed it and were grateful for the places your idea took us. I think you–and the rest of us climbing onto your wagon–may have started something worth making a semi-regular thing. Your respons is gracious and kind. I hope you know I enjoy reading you [and loved your list by the way…had trouble leaving a comment for some reason]. Hope to see you around the track again!! Nice to know we have some things in common! Take care…

  3. Blazer said,

    I thought I would join in with this, but then realized that I seem to have lost touch with what it is that can make me truly happy. It took me longer to come up with and my list is much shorter than it should be. I will have to work on adding to it in the coming days. So any way, the short list is: working up a sweat doing some sort of manual labor and the sense of accomplishment and sore muscles that result from it; watching one of our dogs chase a rabbit in their sleep; making new friends; a really good phone conversation with a friend; chocolate mousse; the sounds a certain someone makes as she approaches and then reaches an orgasm; road trips; hanging out with my family, especially my nieces and nephews now that they have gotten a little older; and apparently board games.

    • androgynonamous said,

      Well, buddy, you may just be on the road to the blog we keep telling you that you need to start…more to say than you thought. LOL. Glad you jumped in. I too share your love of manual labor–all aspects of it. As the Dalai Lama says, work is good. And, my certain someone makes the most beautiful and stimuating sounds as she approaches, then reaches, orgasm; she makes wonderful sounds in general and I am acutely aware of all of them from yummy sounds to sighs, the little pre-breaths that indicate she has something to say to the small, nearly gasping sounds when I am dressing or touching the back of her neck. Love them all. And, I really dig good phone talks with friends–especially ours. Hope you have a good Monday. Look forward to catching up.

  4. FemmeFairyGodmother said,

    @blazer dude – where’s your blog? That is all.

    @Androgynonamous – I FORGOT TO HAVE REESE’S CUPS ON MY LIST!!! Everyone I visit regularly keeps Reese’s cups in the freezer just for me! 🙂 (@Scint *broad hint* in the event that I come to NC anytime soon. The freezer part is key. *shameless grin*)

    • androgynonamous said,

      Got you covered, BFF…love frozen Reese’s. I’ll make sure they are around and good and cold!!!

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