Thoughts While You Are Sleeping: The Mind of a Poet

August 1, 2010 at 9:35 pm (The Mind of a Poet)

Despite recent rejections of submitted poems, I continue to think that I might eventually get the hang of this poetry thing and I keep writing. Frost did say that “to be a poet is a condition” rather than a profession. So, once I got over the initial feelings, I got back to work on some unfinished poems and began work on some new ones. Clearly, if nothing else, I am a glutton for punishment. At any rate, this poem is a result of my return to my seemingly unending need to keep at this. I know some of you will notice certain elements with which I am still playing and attempting to improve my skill level. I feel sure you will notice that there is a an attempt to create an emotional honesty that is less cerebral and more feeling oriented. I can only hope this is working. It is new ground. Cerebral emotionality is easier and more comfortable for me; but, we do not grow if we stay in our comfort zones, now do we. As always, I hope you enjoy this offering.

Thoughts While You Are Sleeping

It is late. Your breathing, slow,
rhythmic like waves, seems to rock me
as I lie awake beside you; I want
to be soothed by this movement,
lulled to quietude—a ship harbored
in the sea of your restfulness.

My body resists. My mind

wanders. There are shadows here.
I watch them move and shape-shift
until they are gone like vapor

as the darkness deepens. I think

about the forces that will dispatch
shadows: how the complete absence
of light blends them into blackness as
well as the fullness of it lays bare their
falseness; I think
about the cloudy presence we have
endured, how at times it has cast
itself over us, fog-like, making it hard
to find each other. It seems

these days, as if the fog is lifting again,
as if the almost unbearable brightness
we shine when we do not fear it has
burned away the mist like Summer sun.

I think of practical things: the bills
that will soon be due, the list of things
I need from the hardware store, chores
and projects yet to be finished…

the smooth hollow where your thigh
joins your pelvis; the soft way you
look at me, still, when you think I will
not notice…

The sound of your breathing
like waves. The hope of continued

As if in reply to thoughts so silent
you hear them, your hand finds my
shoulder and lingers there—I am
still here, your sureness of me like
feathers on my skin.

My thoughts, unspoken, lie
between us like the crumpled comforter.
In the morning, we will smooth
them out, pull taut the wrinkles
where they will vanish into the freshly
made bed like dreams.

NOTE: This work is published here as proprietary and may not be reproduced, distributed, sold, or otherwise utilized outside the posting on this site without the express permission of the author; these works are the sole property of the author writing as Androgynonamous or DreadPirateRobert.


  1. Scintillectual said,

    First of all, sweetheart, let me say that I am thrilled you are keeping with your poetry. Your work is amazing and rejection by one subjective judge should not preclude you from continuing your gift. This is lovely and makes me wonder if all of your snoring is simply a decoy to make me think you actually sleep at night! 😉 I look forward to cooler weather when I welcome your radiator-like heat wrapped around me rather than banishing you to the other side of the bed lest your seismic thermal waves threaten to boil me in my slumber.

    I love you, you know. Yes, I know you know.

    • androgynonamous said,

      Sweetheart: let me first say that poetry is poetry; it is fiction and it is non-fiction. That is the beauty of poetry. And, I have moved past the rejection…at least in that regard and will continue to work at my writing. There is bound to be someone, besides us, who likes it. And, having said that, let me say that most of the time when I am sleeping with you, I am–indeed–sleeping. It is only rarely that the snores you hear are those that I emit in the short periods of sleep that come between the hours of wakefulness. I too look forward to cooler weather and to being, again, wrapped around you–my favorite place to be–rather than clinging to the other side trying not to fall off into the floor or roll your direction and boil you in your slumber. I love you too.

  2. Blazer said,

    I am glad you are back to writing. I agree with Scin, one subjective asshat, had better not scare you off from it. I am just getting into this poetry stuff and I really enjoyed this one. Please keep writing buddy!

    • androgynonamous said,

      You do have a way with words, buddy! Thanks for the support–as always–and, it would appear, anyway, that I am too afflicted with my “condition” to stop attempting to write decent poetry. I have come to believe that, should I ever have the opportunity to write a book, at least you and Scin would buy it…LMAO…although, I’d likely give you freebies! So, I’ll persevere in the meantime. And…keep looking for journals that will have me. Glad you enjoyed this one. LYB!

      • Blazer said,

        Dude, I told you! You and Scin are the ones with a way with words. Which is my point I believe. LYB!

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