Hump Day: Mid-week Musings

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Where You Least Expect It…

More than once, I have discussed some of the issues, frustrations and complications of reinventing myself in my mid-forties and career shopping in this strange and delicate economy.  Meanwhile, each week I have continued my basic routine: daily searches of job boards, City and County jobs, postings in the local paper, etc.; completing  job applications; and, running myself ragged trying to work at whatever odd landscaping jobs I can get.  I am sure many of you know that serious job hunting is, itself, a full-time job.  Trying work at something in the process can be overwhelming. Oddly, I think the manual labor has actually kept me from becoming completely exhausted.  I know that it definitely has kept me from coming unglued as I fret over securing a living wage before I run out of all my savings and lose my house.  I have been going at this pace for over two years…and without much light at the end of the tunnel showing itself.

Each week, I have faithfully applied for an average of six jobs.  It is often more like nine or ten in a week.  Sometimes, I apply for several in one day.  Often this is the case as, most days, there are not a lot of jobs that I could actually apply for with any credibility or hope.  I usually apply for jobs that are applicable to my skill sets and overall experience–in other words, management jobs, non-profit or other program directorships, human resources related jobs…or, just plain retail, low-level management jobs.  This week–Monday, in fact–I branched out and applied for a job that is not at all related to anything I have ever done.  It is a job I have actually thought about for a long time.  You know, the “wouldn’t-it-be-groovy-if,” kind of job.  I applied on a kind of lark.  Oh, what the hell?…why not?

You see, I have been going about this thing in a very methodical and practical way for a long time.  Applying for things for which, either, I have previous related experience or for which I have similar skill sets and which I could quickly learn.  For example, at the end of last week, I even applied for a job with the local Employment Security Commission.  This is a State position.  They wanted someone with either social work or counseling experience [that’s me], or staffing experience with a focus on hiring and interviewing [again, that’s me].  I thought this was perfect since I have both sets of skills and experience.  The folks at the ESC thought it was a great idea for me to apply–who better to assist others with finding a job than a person who has all the required skill sets and has been job hunting for over two years?  The application deadline was last Friday.  I have not heard a word from them.  This is the case with most of the jobs for which I apply.

So, Monday when I saw this other job, I was intrigued.  It is a fitness trainer position with a local center that has its own training program and trainer certification process.  For some time now, I have thought that it would be really neat if I could somehow become certified and work as a fitness trainer.  Afterall, I was a good counselor largely because I am really good at empowering and motivating people.  And, I love to work out.  I could spend my whole day in a gym and be in hog heaven.  But, I had no real way of becoming certified and I figured I should focus on what I know and apply for things similar to what I have done. 

For some reason, however, when I saw the ad in the paper, I could not pass it up.  So, I hammered out a cover letter and emailed it along with my resume to the email provided in the posting.  It was not much more than an hour later when my cell phone rang.  The guy was calling to set up an interview with me!  He was even calling on the same day I applied!  I nearly fell down into the pile of river rock I had been arranging.  I have applied and applied for countless jobs for which I am either over-qualified or perfectly suited to and I have not had so much as a phone interview in months.  Then, the job I apply for largely for shits and giggles turns out to be the one for which I am going to interview.  Go figure.  Or, as my mom would say:  who would have thunk it?

While, all along, I have had faith that things will work out, for the first time in some long months now, I have some real sense of a possible turning of the tide.  And, not directly because I finally have the opportunity interview.  The reason I feel some sense of light breaking after a long night is, also, more like a kind of faith thing.  It is not the interview itself; it is that the interview is for a job that seems completely nutty and far-fetched.  It is the opportunity out of the blue.  It is the road not even considered a real course, let alone traveled.  It is the least expected option in a universe of more reasonable options.

It has been my experience at many points in my life that, when the next right thing comes, it is often the last thing I expected–that when the best thing that could happen actually happens, it turns out to be something I had given up on entirely or never even imagined.  And, it comes quite unexpectedly.  Usually, when things are darkest.  Or, when I have settled into settling, become content with being basically content.

An example that I think best describes the kind of serendipity–and, perhaps, synchronicity–I am talking about is the reunion Scin and I were able to bring about in our lives.  Sometimes, the thing you think you lost turns up in a drawer you thought you looked in a hundred times; or, it was in the pocket of your favorite jeans all along.  Sometimes, the thing you think you really screwed up presents itself anew.  Sometimes, we do get second chances.  Often, when we least expect it. And, in many cases, it ends up being the next right thing. The best thing that could ever happen. The thing, in our slumber, we dreamed of but never expected would happen. 

Sometimes, the phone rings and we answer.  We answer, recognize the voice, and we speak our truth–boldly, bravely, and with heartfelt intent.  “I’ve been thinking of you for a long time and have been trying to find your new number.  There are things I want to say to you.”

And, the response we get is:  “I’ve been thinking of you too…in fact, I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had to get out of bed to write about us.”  Sometimes, the phone rings.  And, we answer.  And, it changes our lives forever.  For the better.

Sometimes, the phone rings and we answer.  And, a voice says, “I received your resume and I was calling to see if you’d be interested in an interview.”  Sometimes, when we least expect it, a bell rings. A door opens.

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